Update 4 – All the world is a stage and much ado about Backdrop!

Greetings and Salutations dear game connoisseurs,

Today we have some news on the project as well as a look at the game’s setting (further below):

Even though our campaign is a little on the slow side, we actually have been gaining momentum in the last days – unusually for a kickstarter we have had a steadily rising number of backers day after day (more than twice yesterday than we had three days ago). If we keep doubling our numbers our funding goal may still be attainable!

Meanwhile Backdrop has been selected and featured by kickstarter, for which we are terribly grateful and we have turned a few heads in the publishing community, getting invited to the ID@ Xbox program and receiving requests by not one but three VERY cool publishers who value originality, heart and soul over the smallest common creative denominator. Who would have thought there are so many good folk out there in the publishing business! It made us double our dedication to the game and gave us renewed vigour in following our vision.

That’s it from the current affairs section, please keep spreading the word and supporting our Thunderclap, to help us get to the end zone! Also, have a look at these two cool projects, who have been gracious enough to make shoutouts for us and are very cool game in their own rights:

Turn-based tactical PvP game Dungeon of Zaar and Rocket Punch’s Mecha Fighting Game Code: Hardcore

And now, to something completely different: A few words on Backdrop’s setting.

All the world IS a stage

Backdrop’s world is a stage, but in its true sense: This is a world where the laws of nature follow the rule of theatre, where all things and inhabitants are made out of paper or wood, glued together, tacked on or constructed in some way. At the same time they are very real – the paper wave background to our beach scene from the trailer is a very real sea to the inhabitants and entering it is not without peril. So while a rock made out of paper may be easily destroyed by fire, only a very strong person can lift it, because the laws of theatre dictate it.

On the other hand, these laws may be used to interact with the environment in different ways – from the the dragon’s fire being used to burn a hole in the cave walls the Prince is imprisoned in to building a ship that sails to the moon, because in stories things are possible if everyone believes they are.

All the creatures in Backdrop are also bound to the role they have been cast in and their personality and behaviour is pre-ordained by the gods, who have constructed the world and all its stories. The greedy and evil fisherman is as “innocent” as the mermaid he captured, because being evil is simply his role and he has to fill it – he can’t be blamed for what he does. The only one different is the protagonist of our story, who has severed the ties of fate, denouncing the gods and thus freeing himself from following the world story. He can improvise, change and develop, granting him extraordinary abilities, like the masks he can use or the magical power of “free will”.

Of course this great power comes with great responsibility – quite literally. Since he broke from his pre-ordained role, he is now responsible for what he does: Whereas the Fisherman will capture and kill the mermaid without a second thought, our Prince will have a conscience, he may have doubts and be subject to a whole range of emotions. If he kills the mermaid for gain, he will have decided to do so himself, it will be a step on the path he chose and this decision will shape his path. It will be for you to decide where the path may lead.

Thanks for reading this far! Our next update will be on combat and how we put the drama back into it, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@backdropGame) or Facebook for more up to date news!

Until we meet again!

Your Backdrop team