1st kickstarter update!

Greetings and salutations dear backers, would be backers and soon-to-be-backers!

Thanks to your generosity we passed the 100 backers mark and we also got picked by the kickstarter team as one of the projects they love! Thanks a lot for that, we love you right back!

We were selected Hot Topic by the biggest German games magazine gamestar and also by renowned French site rpgfrance.com and got a lot of positive feedback. So now the only thing left is to make sure more people get to know about this unique project! So please tweet, post, email or dance about the game to game lovers everywhere! We need a lot more backers to make this thing fly!

Words have power! We have the best words!

One of the core concepts of the game focuses on the power that words have. In our game a protagonist’s words become actions that have all kinds of effects. This goes far beyond a mere dialogue – words drive and influence conflicts, they define your character’s stance, they bind or empower you. Here is a brief video of things that words do in our game.

Everyone in Backdrop has a unique voice and this is expressed by the visualization of the dialogues. The whole world reacts to what you say, so it is important that you choose your words carefully. Speaking of careful choices: Even though a certain US presidential candidate claims to have the best words, we beg to differ. I think ours clearly are much better looking 🙂

So get the word out!