Update 3: Masks in the game

Greetings and salutations game aficionados,

welcome on board to all new backers and thanks to kickstarter for putting us on their selected projects list and including us in their recommendations news!

Today we want to talk a little about masks. In Backdrop, donning a mask means more than simply swapping a set of skills with another. It actually defines your protagonists personality, changing the way you interact with others and how they perceive you. Masks grant unique skills and perks (such as the knight’s heavy armour), but also have their weak sides (like making the knight slower in combat and making it hard to sneak up on someone). But the system goes further. In a classic Shakespear play, many roles are immediately recognizable and usually have a few defining traits. The same goes for a mask: It focuses on a few strong character traits and this will define the range of possibilities you have to interact with others and the environment. This makes donning a mask a wide-reaching decision and can lead to very different results.

Here is a short video that shows a simple example – in the actual game choices will be a little less obvious.

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