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Update 3: Masks in the game

Greetings and salutations game aficionados, welcome on board to all new backers and thanks to kickstarter for putting us on their selected projects list and including us in their recommendations news! Today we want to talk a little about masks. In Backdrop, donning a mask means more than simply swapping a set of skills with […]

Day 2 and 3 Legends!

Greetings and salutations dear audience and cast members, though off to a slow start, our campaign is gathering momentum thanks to all of you great people and especially our three Legend backers who have had the good grace and great taste to support us. A mighty cheer and humble “Thank You!” to all of you! […]

1st kickstarter update!

Greetings and salutations dear backers, would be backers and soon-to-be-backers! Thanks to your generosity we passed the 100 backers mark and we also got picked by the kickstarter team as one of the projects they love! Thanks a lot for that, we love you right back! We were selected Hot Topic by the biggest German […]


Come on, Internet, make this work! Back our wildly poetic, beautiful and daring RPG in which all the world is a stage, which has just been launched. This side project has been going on for years, with a group of German game development veterans and is now finally ready to see the light of day! […]

Today is the day! Kickstarter begins at 3 pm!

We are excited, nervous, giddy with expectation and ever so slightly afraid. Our kickstarter launches today and we have also begun a Thunderclap to support the campaign. Just join in and let the world know we exist! Help us make this wildly creative and madly ambitious project! Because words can have real power!

Trailer is ready

The first game trailer is done  and you can watch it here or in our gallery. As always please share and let people know!

Kickstarter announced!

The trailer is ready and we will release a link soon. This means come Monday the 26th we are going to go live with our kickstarter! We are terribly excited, fearful and happy at the same time and we will need everyone’s help, so please let your friends know and share!