The Team


Franz Stradal

Franz Stradal has been doing games for almost three decades, working on over 100 titles in that time and being one of the most prolific designers in the industry. He was the creator of Demonworld and Sacred and worked for several global game companies since then, doing everything from MMOs to mobile games. The original design and concept are his and he continues to inspire the team with his insights and skill.

Thomas Kronenberg

Thomas Kronenberg is an accomplished artist and designer and his company Intulo has been working on over 40 games in their 20 years in the industry. His credits include Sacred, Neocron, The Dwarves and a wealth of story based games. His has a rare gift for style and lighting and is responsible for bringing the world of Backdrop to live!

Seçkin Ölmez

Seçkin Ölmez joined the crew after successfully releasing his first adventure game Heaven’s Hope. He has a knack for storytelling games and the technical prowess to make them work. Doing Backdrop with his team is the next challenge level and he eagerly accepted it!

Jan Wagner

Jan Wagner has learned a lot about how difficult kickstarters can be since he launched his first one for Shadowrun Chronicles. His 25 years in the industry had him drift from Producer to Creative Director and Designer and he has worked for companies such as Blizzard and Sierra. Backdrop is close to his heart and he is brimming with design ideas for it, that want to see the light of day.