The Game


In Backdrop, all the world’s a stage in every sense of the word. Make your saga a fairy tale or a nightmare…or both. Featuring a wealth of original and unique gameplay concepts in a beautifully crafted setting Backdrop is unlike any RPG or adventure you have played before.

There are so many new ideas in the game, that it is hard to boil them down to one short description, but here is the overview of what we think are the most exciting ones!

Story and Characters: The story starts deceptively familiar: Once upon a time a young Prince and his beloved Princess are set to marry. But right before the altar, she is abducted by demons in league with an envious neighbouring lord. Now our Prince was supposed to play his part in the unfolding familiar tale, but filled with rage he instead denounces the deities that rule the world and doled out his cruel fate. Devastated but defiant, he embarks on a journey to win back his beloved and finally free himself from the destiny the gods have ordained.

Paper and cloth: Environments, enemies and even the player characters are made out of paper, cloth, wood and other materials – like props in a theatre. The physics of the world thus follow unusual rules: Players can slash holes in the background, blow away enemies with a gust of wind or be burnt to cinders by a candle toppled over during a heated fight. Finding ways to use the environment to the best possible effect is very important for making your way in the world.

Wordplay and Swordplay: Words can literally hurt or heal, move mountains and open doors. Words are a very real thing in this world and their power is boundless. Combat is of course not done with words only – swordplay and action-filled fights are an important part of the game, with each weapon getting a distinctly different combat feeling. More….


Emotion and magic: Emotions manifest in the world, allowing the hero to use emotional moments and memories almost like magical spells. The tears of a Mermaid may be used to soften the most ardent warrior, while witnessing the strange revelry of a goblin wake allows the player to employ the Dance Macabre, forcing that horde of enemies about dance a merry jig.

Ethics and power: In a world of fiction, good and evil both have to play their part. Of all the inhabitants of Backdrop, only the player can pick a role at will, be it the shining prince or malevolent villain. This gives him or her the power to harness the energy of good or evil and create powerful effects from both.


Masks and making: Instead of picking a fixed class, heroes will don character masks, each one changing their abilities and personality into larger than life characters, from the stern but noble knight to the mischievous but charming trickster.

The Hero’s Journey: The hero’s progress is not simulated by abstract XP and is not furthered by simply slashing away at monsters. Instead character  progression is an outward and inward one, as players follow the steps of the hero’s journey and grow by the transformational power of their experiences.